Telescopes owned by me:


Skywatcher 8″ F5 Newton Telescope

The Skywatcher telescope is actualy my main telescope. Almost all of the images on this site are taken with this telescope. It has a 4″ Skywatcher achromat guiding telescope on its back. This has been proven to be a very succesfull combination. This scope as my allround telescope but is now mainly used for deepsky photography.







Celestron C8 blue on an EQ6Celestron 8″ F10 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

Because of its long focal lenght, this scope is very suitable for planetairy, sun and moon photography. It is very easy to collimate (even shortly before an imaging session). It had a Meade ETX 70 achromat on its back for guiding.








zelfbouw 6 inch dobsonDIY Dobson 6″ F12 Newton telescope

This is my grab-and-go telescope. Whenever I need to setup a scope quickly, this my friend. See my page “Building a Dobson Telescope” under the item “Apparature” in the menu or click the link above.








10 inch skywatcher Newton 10 inch F4 Skywatcher Newton

My “new workhorse”. This scope should be the replacement for the 8″ Newton, but I’m still struggling to get this scope collimated. When this is done, new pictures will be placed on this website. Expectations are high since it has a bigger mirror and a better F-ratio. 🙂

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