Moon and earthshine

maan 05032014 met asgrauw schijnselThis image of march 5th 2014 shows the, not only the well visible daylight side, but also the dimm glow on the dark side. This glow is caused by the sunlight that is reflected of the bright clouds in the earth’s atmosphere. To get an image like this it is neccesary to take at least two frames with a different exposure; one exposure to capture the dark side and one to capture the light side. Those two images can be combined in Photoshop to have “the best of two worlds”.


Jupiter 05-03-2014

Jupiter 05-03-2014After Imaging the moon on the western horizon, Jupiter already had risen on the eastern. So, by simply swinging over the telescope I could move on to take a shop at this object. The atmosphere was very quiet so expectations were high. This is a stack of 1500 images (out of 3000). The DMK camera was used for luminance, the SPC900 webcam for the colour information. The two images were combined in Photoshop and aligned. The final result was flattend and sharpend using the smart sharpen technique. Also note the Ganymedes in the picture. Not only is it Jupiters largest moon, it is also the largest moon in the solarsystem.