Skywatcher Star Adventurer

When on a vacation there is always the urge to make astro pictures. And because I need to travel light, I bought a portable mount: the Skywatcher Star Adventurer. Accoording to several reviews, the should be one of the best mounts around. I can’t wait to test it out during a clear winters night.

Maansverduistering vannacht.

Tussen ruwweg 03:00 en 06:30 vindt er vannacht een maansverduistering plaats. Het bijzondere aan deze super maansverduistering is dat, doordat de maan in zijn dichtste punt van de aarde bevindt. Hierdoor zal de maan “extra” groot lijken. Zie onderstaand filmpje voor meer informatie:

Gassendi area

grimaldi area 31-01-2015Still cold, but also good seeing. This is the Gassendi area, while the moon is nearing full moon. Gassendi is the big crater, noth and left from the centre of this picture. It is a panorama of 6 frames. Each frame is a stack of 2000 out of 6000 frames. Frames were stacked in Registaxs and final toutch-up in Photoshop. The smallest details in this image are estimated at 1 kilometer.